Don is a charming three-year-old dog. As you can see, he is a delightful blend of Basset Hound and Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican Hairless Dog).

He’s not just adorable but also incredibly gentle and humorous. Don is a laid-back and clever canine who adores people and gets along famously with his furry pals.

When trying to describe his character, we definitely use the breed of Basset Hounds as a reference, because they are among the most pleasant-natured and easy-going of all breeds, and our boy Don is just like that.

He’s been patiently waiting for his forever home.

Don, master of puppy eyes.

Undeniably beautiful rescue who got the best from his pawrents.

Thanks to his unique beauty, long ears, freckled nose, white socks and multi-colour coat, Don attracts looks every step of the way while gathering compliments and will certainly make his owners beam with pride on those walks. 

This dog doesn’t demand lots of exercise because his favourite activity is chilling, apart from receiving belly rubs. He is ideal for the first time owners and seniors. Because of his size, heavy pulling on the leash is out of the picture. He can also be easily picked up and carried, too. 

Gentle and calming.

Of sweet and peaceful nature as he is, Don gets along very well with other pets and children.



Thank you for staying on Don’s profile page and reading through. Interested in adoption? We are here to support you every step of the way. That’s why, thanks to our partners and devoted volunteers, we have prepared a wonderful gift-box to follow Don’s adoption. Our goal is to enable a smooth sail into new life, for Don and his amazing adopters. This is what you’ll get!
*Illustrated with the help of AI.

Hi-Res Portraits

Two professional photographers gave a photo session to Don and made 24 portraits that the new owners will receive on their email.


Our veterinarian will recommend and donate a multivitamin to make sure Don's body is supported through the change of environment.

Bed of Choice

Handcrafting small business specialised in making beds for pets, donates one bed in given price range from its wide assortment.

A Bath

Our volunteer will treat Don with a relaxing bath followed by the treatment against flees. Don will arrive to his new home fresh as a breeze!

Ready To Take Action?


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