Introducing Lina, our charming eight-year-old Staffordshire Terrier mix, who could easily win the «Miss Smile» contest!

Lina radiates warmth and kindness. She’s eager to become someone’s best friend and fill their life with joy. With her winning smile and loving heart, Lina is ready to light up your world.

After spending most of her life in the shelter, Lina is deserving of her forever home. To make the transitions easier for both her and new owners, our organisation offers to deliver additional training and guidance.

Let’s make her dreams come true by finding her a loving forever home, in Serbia or abroad!


Lina, Photogenic Queen

Staffy lovers will appreciate this gem.

Lina is well built, beautiful and playful mature dog who enjoys mental stimulation and interaction. Her face lights up with joy when she performs to a command and she is always ready to learn something new. Lovers of the breed know that dogs like Lina are mild companions with a special feel for their humans.

The sweetest soul in rock-solid body.

Don’t be fooled by her defined muscles and incredible agility, Lina is a real queen material.



Thank you for staying on Lina’s profile page and reading through. Interested in adoption? We are here to support you every step of the way. That’s why, thanks to our partners and devoted volunteers, we have prepared a wonderful gift-box to follow Lina’s adoption. Our goal is to enable a smooth sail into new life, for Lina and her amazing adopters. This is what you’ll get!

Hi-Res Portraits

On email you will receive a set of 20 photos in high resolution of your new family member. Photos were taken by a specialised animal photographer, Alice Porshneva.

Spa Day

Before the dog comes to you, our trusted grooming center will treat her with a pleasant bath, nail trim and a treatment against flees.


Our volunteers will drive Lina right to your address in central Serbia or to the border with neighbouring country in case you live abroad.


Certified dog psychologist, Sasha, will have one online consultation with you about how to best train Lina.

Ready To Take Action?


We take adoption process seriously. Click on this link to download a questionnaire. When you fill it out, please send it to our email address: After reviewing your answers, we will contact you for further steps.

You fell in love, but you are not in position to adopt? There is still a way you can support her well-being! By becoming a sponsor while she is waiting for forever home, you’ll be receiving exclusive info about improvements she’s making thanks to your sponsorship. Apply on:

One time donation is right thing for you at the moment. Thank you, every help is highly appreciated and dedicated to rescue dogs.

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