At only 2 years old, this playful boy is a true bundle of joy. With his endearing charm, Cookie (Kuki) will keep you entertained, and his affectionate nature will warm your heart.

He is proud of his wonderfully soft fur in the shade of light blonde to honey brown, which makes it hard to resist giving him endless pets and hugs. As soon as he likes somebody, he is swift to show his belly for some tender rubs.

If you’re in search of a loyal friend who can provide a daily dose of happiness, Cookie is the one! Meet him and get ready to fall in love.

Cookie, like a Golden retriever, only mini.

Cookie pulls off a "retriever" style in his own unique way.

Cookie undeniably resembles one of the most popular breeds! Beside somewhat narrower head, we see how Cookie’s appearance matches with retrievers in many aspects, making him one handsome fellow. His head has a well-defined stop, dark eyes are set well apart, there is a wide and powerful muzzle, a large black nose, dark-pigmented and slightly drooping flews, and ears of moderate size set high and hanging with a slight fold. 


Despite his ever-youthful looks, Cookie had demonstrated grown-man endurance and courage, when he suffered an accident and was hit by a car. Few believed he will make it, but his strong spirit pulled him through. He underwent complex surgeries, and thanks to his unbreakable optimism and love for life, he emerged as the most sociable and cheerful pup you’ll ever meet. Today, Cookie is a healthy youngster, a quick learner who has already won the hearts of our shelter staff. 


Fluffy and joyful.

The perfect life companion waiting to meet that special someone he can share his boundless joy with.



Thank you for staying on Cookie’s profile page and reading through. Interested in adoption? We are here to support you every step of the way. That’s why, thanks to our partners and devoted volunteers, we have prepared a wonderful gift-box to follow Cookie’s adoption. Our goal is to enable a smooth sail into new life, for Cookie and his amazing adopters. This is what you’ll get!

Hi Res Portraits

Five professional photographers took pictures of Cookie, and you will receive them all on your email.


Our volunteers will drive Cookie right to your address in central Serbia or to the border with neighbouring country in case you live abroad.

A Toy

To encourage his playfulness and settling into new home, our favourite pet store will gift one toy of Cookie's choice.


Our trusted groomer will treat Cookie with a fresh new furstyle right before he comes to his new home.

Ready To Take Action?


We take adoption process seriously. Click on this link to download a questionnaire. When you fill it out, please send it to our email address: After reviewing your answers, we will contact you for further steps.

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